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Last time when I was at home, just going through my old stuffs and found this magazine. I was in Std. XI, Somalwar Jr. College and I wrote an essay for an essay competition organized by some NGO. It also got published in our newspaper’s magazine – The Hitvada’s Twinkle Magazine which has mesmerized me. These are the views of a 15 years old girl, written in Oct. 2006. So here’s one of my childhood memory..



Give the world the best you have and to best will come back to you. Spread Joy and Happiness and you will be filled with Joy and Happiness. The world which we share with others is like a looking glass. It merely mirrors and gives every man the reflection of his own face. Frown at it and it will look severely at you. Laugh at it and with it and you will find a jolly good fellow. Similarly love and compassion are the agents of change on the earth which bring Joy and Happiness by changing a man from bad habits to good ones.

In kindergarten we learnt ABC of English language. As we grow up we have learnt ABC of success failures and henceforth of life. Love and compassion are the ABC of living good life.

But today the condition of the world is totally opposite because we, the people lack love and compassion. Today the world has become self contempt. They think that the whole world has become so rude that love and compassion cannot do anything. They forget that the Love is an important component of man’s life to live.

Love is the most powerful agent to change one’s life on the earth. Loving is a very big deal. It is one of the only thing which increases when we shared. It forms a covalent bond by attracting many electrons (human beings) and forms a long chain like network. Love increases unity among people. It is the agent through which man can be transformed easily, without even being recognized by him.

A question mark and the rims of pair of spectacles perched at the centre of the curve – That is the simple, familiar – Father of the Nation – Mahatma Gandhi. He had set an example of ‘love’ by showing that we can fight with non-violence instead of violent thoughts. He was not so much oriented in the fields of science & technology but had a great quality i.e. love for others. Similarly many other prominent revolutionaries like Swami Vivekananda, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Mahatma Fhule, Sarojini Naidu and so many also believed that love is the only thing which retains the ability of transformation. They instilled love for freedom among people. Also many poets & authors expressed their feelings of love through their writings.

The other important agent of change is ‘Compassion’. Compassion is the feeling of pittiness to others in their sorrow. It is not always the punishment that can changes the bad ones into a good citizens. At sometimes due to the punishment, the small robbers gets converted to the big thief because of mental as well as physical pains which one has to suffer. Selfishness never takes us far. We have to be humble and should have feelings for others. No one is perfect in the world. We have to give margins to those who are less fortunate than us. We have to help them to find their fruitful ways in their life. We need everyone come along to walk together on the road of life.

Love & Compassion is like a lamp which gives light and transforms one’s life from darkness to brightness. Just as one candle lights others and the process goes on, similarly love & compassion lights nobleness. For this purpose we should ourselves becomes agents of change to bring out and celebrate the immense power of love and compassion. The development of any nation depends upon the nature of people which indirectly depends on their qualities of love, compassion, tolerance, fraternity,etc

When the ABC of Love & compassion are found as quality in any person, bright fortune is nearby waiting for grand achievement. Achieving these qualities will herald new beginning in one’s life. Thus without love and compassion, a person cannot live a well balanced, fruitful & harmonious life.   One without the other is like living without some limb of the body. Human race should able to inherit Buddha’s compassion, Jesus’ love and the legacy of human humaneness. Collective mankind and consciousness can ultimately lead to change and transformation.


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