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When you are in Mumbai, your life must be crazy. If not, then you are one of the idlest people in this city. Because this city has craziness all around. Right from boarding in a local train or standing in a queue for BEST bus or waving a hand to get an autorickshaw until you reach home in late evening. And about the weekends, every person residing in Mumbai can explain this very well. They are the stress busters. Weekend rest, outings, night clubs, etc. rejuvenate again to match the pace with the city again.

And still you think that your life is not crazy, so then you really need to read further –

After a hectic five day work, many people prefer to take rest on weekends. But you can make your weekends much more happening. This is because you live in Mumbai – it has vibrant colors which dazzles everywhere. There are many places which you can explore. The more you try to explore, the more it will make you eager to explore harder.

Let’s experience the essence of the city where you live which has a great culture, ancient yet modern, fabulously rich yet achingly poor. Mumbai has all kind of traits. It is always a fun to reveal the new paths in our ways and here’s the list from where one can start.

Artistic people all around –

On weekends, you can see many artists crawling on the streets to capture the beauty of ancient Gothic architecture of South Mumbai which makes us feel more artistic. Jehangir Art Gallery to local artists open air galleries – which reflect various colors of Mumbai.

The bustling Abdul Rehman Street

It is one of the biggest wholesale markets for all sort of stationery in Mumbai. It is also accompanied with dava bazaar – where you can find all kind of medical and scientific instruments. And here it is connected to the Managaldas Cloth Market – a really big cloth market. The crowded streets, compact shops take you in the different arena of civilization. And yeah there are many chances that you may lost on these streets.

 Bombay becomes Mumbai ….

And here you can find a temple in the midst of these lively streets – the Mumba Devi temple. The goddess after whom the ancient name of the city changed i.e. from Bombay to Mumbai. The name Mumbai is derived from the goddess, ‘Mumba’, the patron deity of the Kolis, the earliest inhabitants of the island.

And yeah how can you forget the political pressure to change the name from Bombay to Mumbai as Bombay gives a British colonial taste as per our politicians.

Politics apart whether it is Bombay or Mumbai, it doesn’t matter; because the very essence of this city lies within itself and this is none other than the people living in the city.

The Mumbai High Court –

The giant ancient architecture will mesmerize you. Many architectural features of the building lie in certain sculptures in odd nooks and corners of the walls and ceiling which display diverse art forms.

The round and round staircase will make you remember the merry go round. The aesthetic look is the peculiarity of Mumbai High Court.

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Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Sangrahalay (formerly known as Prince of Wales Museum)

I feel like this museum is collection of almost everything. The big giant museum showcases our ancient, medieval as well as modern history. The sculptures and paintings are awestruck.

The big steps towards self liberation – The Asiatic Library

Though I have not been inside this library, these big steps are the addas of most of the youngsters. Whether it is to chill out with friends or to read a book or to play a guitar, this place really gives an eternal peace.

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The vintage look in the city – The Afghan church in Navy Nagar Colaba

There are many beautiful places in Mumbai, and the Afghan church is one of them. This was built as a memorial to those of the British and Company Armies who died in the war in Afghanistan. The serene ambience makes you fall in love with this place.

And at the end of the day, what else is required when there is a huge Arabian Sea around you – Marine Drive. The breeze which revitalize you again for the new dawn.

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To be continued….

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