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Life is colorful; but for many it is confined to black and white. Bound by fast paced life and day to day hardships just for couple of bread, we have entangled ourselves in a stressed out lifestyle. We all know that it is important to rejuvenate ourselves but are so much engrossed in being workaholic for surviving that we have forgotten to live life freely.

Hobbies help you to explore your own self. It is the passion which acts as a driving force which gives you happiness and pleasure. Hobbies can be anything that refreshes you and a chance to connect with oneself. It helps to rediscover the hidden talent than one possess. Hobbies can be walking in a garden, trekking, reading, traveling, photography, eating, painting, writing, singing, etc. The list can be exhaustive.

Personal experience says developing a hobby takes you to the other world where it is only you with yourself- No limitations, no deadlines. It soothes your mind and helps to know yourself better. Be a bird and fly wherever you want to.

If you are trekking, nature becomes your best friend and hugs you in his vast mountains. If you are teaching, it feels like in seventh heaven when a small kid comes to you and thanked you for teaching her something new.

There are many reasons why everyone should indulge themselves in their passion in some or the other way. I’ve listed few –

Gives you reason to live

Gives you reason to smile

Relax & refreshes you

Makes you meet new people with similar taste

You need to have an outlet from busy lifestyle

Way to clear your mental palate

You need a inspiration to live life

Psychological development

Helps you to differentiate yourself

Gives you chance to share ideas

Many people around the world would like to get involved but are unable to make up to figure it out what kind of creativity nurtures in their mind. It’s something to call your own. You can think outside the box with what you choose – anything that interests you, fulfills you and excites you. So it’s just an impulse to your busy neurons to help you to find hobbies for yourself – here are some ideas to get you started with.


  • Learn to code
  • Sell something online
  • Write a book
  • Start a blog
  • Take lessons
  • Learn to draw
  • Volunteer
  • Travel
  • Teach
  • Spend time in old age homes
  • Start photography
  • Do trekking
  • Join singing classes
  • Join the cause
  • Learn to paint
  • Learn Yoga
  • Learn to swim
  • Do gardening
  • Learn to cook
  • Learn music
  • Learn to dance

While choosing hobby one should take note of their self, fitness level, finances, education & passion.

Age is never a barrier to explore your hidden talent because it’s better late than never. So start now and don’t stop. There are many heavens on earth waiting for you to discover. Dye your souls with colors of thoughts. Make your book of life colorful. Never abandon obligations, but have fun leaving behind a colorful legacy. Take control of your life, and never allow limitations implanted by society and tell the world how colorful your life is. Make your black and white life boom with COLORS.

We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover it within themselves.  – Galileo



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