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Monsoon is on its way and here I am with a colorful story & destination for you to share. Enjoy different tinges of Life! Enjoy Goa in a different color!

Happiness is meeting old college friends & going on a road trip! A three-day road trip to Goa outskirts.

Everyone would like to go to Goa in peak seasons from October to February.  But one can plan Goa in Monsoons too if wants to avoid thronging streets & beaches and admire the beauty & serenity of Goa. To lost in the wavy seashores & greenery lust streets. Late monsoon season i.e. August & September is one of the best seasons to witness different color of Goa. Dripping rains all of sudden, a ray of sunshine, hide & seek of sun rays & rains. And a road trip through these dusky pathways is no more than a heaven.


We started from Mumbai on Friday evening. That day we finished our work as soon as possible as we were excited to start the tour. And hence we started with a little delay but thanks to one of our friend who was boarding from Pune upsurges the delay by more than two hours because of his project submission. With late in the night, we were all escaped for the much awaited trip.


The sky turning colors on Kolhapur highway mesmerized us. With a short break of tea, we started again for a breakfast at Uttur. Then the enthralling Amboli ghat started. We reached Amboli ghat in the morning so there was less crowd on waterfalls comparatively. It was all foggy and the sound of waterfalls all in the ghat made us alive.


We reached the hotel and acclimatized ourselves in Sawantwadi. Sawantwadi is in the Sindhudurg district in the state of Maharashtra. Sawantwadi is a railhead on the Maharashtra – Goa border and is an access point to visit Vengurla Beach, Amboli Ghat, Aronda backwaters and Tiracol Fort (Goa). Sawantwadi has known for its wooden toys and models thanks to an active woodcraft industry. It is also becoming a major tourist attraction.


Day two was planned for Dudhsagar. We had an idea that the chances of the closure of route for Dudhsagar route via road. But still, we gave a try. Our GPS on and reached all the way crossing green bushy wavy small roads via Bichulim, Mollem till Kulem. Bichulim, Mollem till Kulem are the small villages which are generally skipped by the tourists. But they are worth visiting once.


But unfortunately, we could not able to visit Dudhsagar since the roads were closed. Only route available was by train but there was no guarantee for the return train. So we diverted ourselves to South Goa Panjim. The weather was beautiful. Goa Bangalore highway has its own charm. It was raining at a time while on the other moment it was sunny. The drizzling rains energized us. And the happiest thing was we didn’t get a sun tan. Dona Paula beach and Baga Beach has become our rescue.  We enjoyed the gala time on shacks. Lovely weather and a lovely breeze. The greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at the destination; it’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.


Day three was the return journey. The return journey was from Ajara in Konkan where one of my friend’s uncle stays. There we visited ramtirth waterfalls.

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A short and sweet trip will always share a big part of memories. Because it was ‘WE’ together again.

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