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Life is a never ending journey. And I can assure you with this article completely. It’s been around 9 years in Mumbai and away from native place Nagpur. But the instincts attach to the place where you born never ever fade away with the time. On the other hand, the delightful thread becomes more connected. I still remember my first ever visit to Mumbai for my Engineering College Admission. The very first journey to the city of dreams and my first overnight train journey.  It still fascinates me.

But nowadays, it’s been very difficult to get a confirmed train reservation ticket easily. For a girl like me – the one who always travel with the last minute trips to home, it becomes difficult to get reserved train tickets. For people like me who wants to make journeys of 800+ kms full of adventure but safe & not to step back, here I am sharing some of the happening but safe last minute arrangements from Mumbai – Nagpur – Mumbai.

Trains – One of the most comfortable & one of the easiest modes of travel for Nagpur – Mumbai. But it is difficult to get a confirmed ticket even you do the reservations one month in advance. So here what can you do –

Use of Train ticket availability platforms to check predictions before booking the waitlisted tickets. is one which I used frequently to check the chances of confirmation of train tickets.

Still if you could not able get a train ticket & you cannot drop the plan, you can opt for break journeys. It was the time when I didn’t get the tatkal ticket for return journey to Mumbai from Nagpur. As there are many trains are available from Bhusawal Junction, I broke the journey into two. And you know what I got confirmed tickets, though the total time of journey increased because of waiting time between two trains. But the journey was with ease.  I took the Azad Hind Express from Nagpur, got down at Bhusawal & then took Bhusawal Pune Train till Kalyan. So, break journeys do work well. And I can assure you that Bhusawal Station is all safe for woman even in the wee hours.  Waiting rooms are clean where you can hop and have a great read with a cup of tea. gives you many options for break journey options with available tickets. Gone were the days when IRCTC site was in a very bad condition, frequent hangs, etc. The newly launch IRCTC website is user friendly. There are many upgradations  which has been taken place like search for alternate trains/dates, premium tatkal reservations, change in timings for Tatkal AC reservations i.e. 10 AM & Sleeper reservations at 11 AM so that distributing the load on website effectively, Option of Vikalp if the ticket does not get confirmed.

Not comfortable with the break journeys? There is one more option of bus journey. Many buses ply for Nagpur – Mumbai route via Pune. The tickets are comparatively expensive. You will get Volvo Semi Sleeper & AC Sleeper buses but the journey time is very much. You can enjoy the scenic beautiful of roads, the sunset in the countryside & a tea in a wavy highway side dhaba. You can enjoy the movie as well on your route. The only cons are the big time travel, no washrooms (drivers hardly stop for 2-3 times and if the washrooms are dirty which generally are then it is your bad luck), poor road quality, and all bumpy conditions.

Airways are one of the most easeful ways of travel as it takes just around one ad a half hour of journey time. But if you plan for last minute bookings, then it will cost you very heavily. This options suits more if you plan your tickets around 6-7 months beforehand. is one of the best website I ever visited to check cheap air tickets & avail best offers.

Hope this will helpful!

Because To Travel is to Breathe!

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