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When you are in the Capital of India related to your work or it is your gateway to the vacation; if you have one day in spare then you MUST feel the essence of this centuries old city. But how to plan?? Don’t worry here is a one day trip itinerary to visit the places which makes Delhi a “Dilwalo ki Dilli”.

If you start your hike to this city with Old Delhi – these places shall be in a “must visit” list.

Chandani Chowk – one of the oldest parts of the city. And famous for the Parathas. With small lanes and heavily crowded pathways you can enter in Paratha Galli. Caution – The scene will not be the one you expect like a spacious hotels and less crowded. Because it won’t be! There will big queues in front of small shops of Parathas everywhere in a very congested Gallis. So don’t think too much about anything and hop into one of the queue to have a delicious, full of calories, heavy breakfast. There were Parathas of various varieties and matka (earthen pots) Lassi. Enjoy those special exquisite Parathas.

You can visit Sheesh Ganj Gurudwara – immensely built in  Chandani Chowk



Just with a walk of half a kilometer, you can see a Red fort. On your way, you can do some shopping of ethnic wears from one of the oldest markets. Red fort has its own charm. It enchants you with the magnificent structure of red stone built around 200 years ago. Enjoy the splendid structures!

An evening walk at India Gate around the vast gardens – it will really give you peaceful refreshment. As you approach towards gate of India from Red fort, you can experience the transition from Purani Dilli to New Delhi.

And how to miss the ride of metro trains. One must have a ride with Metro trains. One can get mesmerized with the idea of such a giant structure beneath the crowded place. They are easily accessible and one of the best commute system in Delhi. You may opt for “HoHo” services i.e. Hop on – Hop off which provides a Delhi Darshan tour to various famous tourist places in the city.

And a rescue to a daylong excursion will be CP- Canaught Place – the hub and one of the city attractions. Even a one full day is less to visit this place. This you can somewhat compare it with South Bombay Fort Area. Variety of shops, exquisite restaurants, Shopping retreats and many more. Various restaurants & pubs are around there to enjoy the dinner and to set off

Or an alternative would be the Hauz Khas Village – a popular complex in Delhi which is essentially popular for its designer boutiques, specialty restaurants. This urban village is known for an Islamic seminary, a mosque and a tomb constructed around a water tank. Hauz Khas Village witnesses a large footfall of visitors, especially over the weekend and a great place to enjoy the taste of Delhi.

If you like the itinerary, please share your experiences!

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