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Mantra of Eating GOOD!

neha inaskar/ January 18, 2018/ Reflections/ 0 comments

दीपो भक्षयते ध्वान्तं कज्जलं च प्रसूयते | यदन्नं भक्षयेन्नित्यं जायते तादृशी प्रजा ||  –by Chanakya from (वृद्ध–चाणक्य) Lamp eats darkness and produces [black] soot! What food (quality) [one] eats daily, so will [one] produce. This is an era of so called “Zero Figure” where everyone wants to be slim trim & healthy. And for that many new kinds of diets

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neha inaskar/ December 1, 2017/ Colors/ 0 comments

Rangoli – an art form from India having patterns created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards using colored sand or flower petals. It is usually made during Indian festivals Designs are passed from one generation to the next, keeping both the art form and the tradition alive. The purpose of rangoli is decoration, and it is thought to bring

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Unity & Bonding Across Cultures

neha inaskar/ December 1, 2017/ Reflections/ 0 comments

Sir Rabindranath Tagore so rightly said, “If God has so wished, he could have made all Indians speak one language; the unity of India has been and shall always be in unity in diversity.” From our very childhood times, we learnt India is a nation with Unity in Diversity. We played various roles in fancy dress competition where one plays

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A road trip to Kutch

neha inaskar/ September 29, 2017/ Travel/ 0 comments

It is bliss to traverse the deserts and this time it is Kutch Calling. A long weekend of January was fully utilized for the Kutch Festival. The combination of train journey, the road trip and the walk in the white desert; all done in one go. It was the Thursday night we all geared up for the train journey from

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How to spend One Day In Delhi?

neha inaskar/ September 12, 2017/ Travel/ 0 comments

When you are in the Capital of India related to your work or it is your gateway to the vacation; if you have one day in spare then you MUST feel the essence of this centuries old city. But how to plan?? Don’t worry here is a one day trip itinerary to visit the places which makes Delhi a “Dilwalo

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Let us show you the India! – A complete package of Uttarakhand

neha inaskar/ September 6, 2017/ Travel/ 2 comments

Uttarakhand literally means a landmass in North. A giant beautifully crafted piece in the Himalayas, an immense diversified nature makes you awestruck and one must visit once in their lifetime to see the beauty of landmass. Here I am sharing tips to travel economically and leisurely with family and friends. Uttarakhand can be covered in a week time. We started

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5 Must Visit Trekking Destinations & Monsoon Getaways Near Mumbai & Pune

neha inaskar/ July 6, 2017/ Travel/ 0 comments

Monsoons are here and so the weekends must be adventurous. So gear up and ready to explore beautifully crafted places around you. Bounded with magnificent Arabian sea, Mumbai has beautiful giant Green lush Sahyadris all around while Pune with the historical legacy & a hilly city which gives us immense exposure to feel the nature which we cannot enjoy in

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The Sunrise!

neha inaskar/ June 27, 2017/ Colors/ 0 comments

“After God perfected the sunrise, he created photographers, artists, and poets to ensure his feat remained immortal.  ”    Terri Guillemets

Tips to Travel with Last Minute Plans

neha inaskar/ June 22, 2017/ Travel/ 0 comments

Life is a never ending journey. And I can assure you with this article completely. It’s been around 9 years in Mumbai and away from native place Nagpur. But the instincts attach to the place where you born never ever fade away with the time. On the other hand, the delightful thread becomes more connected. I still remember my first

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Goa in a different color!

neha inaskar/ May 17, 2017/ Travel/ 0 comments

Monsoon is on its way and here I am with a colorful story & destination for you to share. Enjoy different tinges of Life! Enjoy Goa in a different color! Happiness is meeting old college friends & going on a road trip! A three-day road trip to Goa outskirts. Everyone would like to go to Goa in peak seasons from

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