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Goa in a different color!

neha inaskar/ May 17, 2017/ Travel/ 0 comments

Monsoon is on its way and here I am with a colorful story & destination for you to share. Enjoy different tinges of Life! Enjoy Goa in a different color! Happiness is meeting old college friends & going on a road trip! A three-day road trip to Goa outskirts. Everyone would like to go to Goa in peak seasons from

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A Solo Trip to Pondy…

neha inaskar/ November 25, 2016/ Travel/ 4 comments

Live crazy. Dream big. Be grateful. Give love. Laugh lots. And one more crazy adventure of solo wandering got checked. This was a month of birthday & I was planning for something crazy. While scanning through map of India & what I found is Pondicherry, a Union Territory town bounded by the southeastern Tamil Nadu state with French legacy &

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I’m Bangladeshi..

neha inaskar/ October 14, 2016/ Reflections/ 6 comments

Eight years and counting and I am still living in Mumbai. Roaming like a nomad from one suburb to the other. And this time it is Navi Mumbai! Comparatively, Navi Mumbai is better place to live in as per the comfort level, spacious house,calm & peaceful, greenery everywhere. It was just a second month when I shifted in flat with other

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A Road Trip to Konkan – from Konkan Diaries

neha inaskar/ April 1, 2016/ Travel/ 0 comments

“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” ― Ibn Battuta This quote proved right with the Konkan road trip. It all started with four day long weekend which made us curious to do it more happening. As I was not able to go home, thanks to the never ending waiting list of trains, I jumped into the

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“MUMBAIYA LIFE” – through NEHA’S Kaleidoscope (PART 2)

neha inaskar/ November 20, 2015/ Travel/ 0 comments

When you are in Mumbai, your life must be crazy. If not, then you are one of the idlest people in this city. Because this city has craziness all around. Right from boarding in a local train or standing in a queue for BEST bus or waving a hand to get an autorickshaw until you reach home in late evening.

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“MUMBAIYA LIFE” – through NEHA’S Kaleidoscope (PART 1)

neha inaskar/ June 10, 2015/ Travel/ 0 comments

MUMBAI – a metro city, home for dreamers, city to become self reliant, it is for rich, it is for poor, and so the list of adjectives goes on for this incredible city. With immense exposure to the Arabian Sea, Economic Capital of India, a Natural Harbor, one of the most important cities from Ancient Times, Strategically Located. All these

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